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Monday, June 27, 2011

Weight Loss Mission: GOING! GOING! GONE!!!

Hey everyone! I <3 my scale!

This past week was a little difficult, but still good.

Tueday (6-21-11) we went to San Francisco. I had some drinks and got a little drunk for the first time in over a year and half! It was fun. But I couldnt really count my points. I DID however pick the healthiest "snacks" at the bar. I don't think I went over my points.

Friday (6-24-11) evening we went out and I had some chips and salsa. I wasn't sure how many points it was, so I just ate very minimal. I got home a searched it up, wrote it down, and I still had points left over for the day! :)

Saturday (6-25-11) I went to the San Francisco Birth and Baby Fair. We had to leave early so I just had a 6 point bowl of cereal and I didnt eat again until like, 2pm. I wanted to, its just that the fair didn't have any healthy options. Just pies and fried stuff. I was starving! So I got a turkey sandwich at Safeway.

We also went to my mother's that day and she cooked some home made chilli and garlic bread and even a chocolate cake. I knew I had A LOT of points left over, so I has a small piece of cake. Even though I didn't really know how many points I had, I still felt good about the amount of food I ate that day.

Sunday (6-26-11) We were away from home as well. We had to leave early for San Francisco and I didnt eat breakfast until about 11am. I went out with my father-in-law and had about a 12 point breakfast. Once again, I couldn't look up exactly how many points I was eating, but 12 IS a lot. Most of the time, my breakfast its like 6-9 points...WITH COFFEE. I didnt eat much during the day and it was hard for me to find healthy LOW POINT things to eat. For dinner I had a burrito with beans, rice, and steak on a whole wheat tortilla. I looked it up and it said it was about 8 points for that, but just incase, I had 16 points left over before the burrito and I just didnt eat anything after.

So I COULD have had "rollover" points, and I could have not. Im not 100% sure. It's hard eating out and counting points. When you make your own food, it's easier because you know exactly what's going in it and you can control how healthy it is. I tried to order egg whites with breakfast on Sunday, but the restaurant didnt have it, so I had to eat regular eggs which is MORE points.

But I did weigh myself this morning..... GOOD NEWS!!!

Im down 6 pounds all together!

My current weight it now 194!

I'm really proud of myself. Even though it's easy to give into temptation and to just say "screw it!", I'm not gonna do it. The feeling of seeing myself weigh less every week is a much better high than I get from eating pizza, cheesburgers, or cookies.

It's all worth it!

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