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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Weight Loss Mission: 4th of July Weekend

See this picture of me? See those white pants I'm wearing? I couldn't fit them a MONTH ago. I'm tellin you, I love those pants and I'm so happy I can fit into them again! I do hope that some day, they will be too big for me ;-)

But as of Monday (July 4th) I have lost a total of 8 pounds! Woo Hoo! This fourth of July weekend was pretty tought though...

Saturday I went to a BBQ over in Richmond, CA with my family. The food was great but it was definately not weight loss friendly. LoL. There was macroni and cheese (with bacon in it), BBQ chicken, ribs, cake, blow pop martini's... and a whole lot of other yummy stuff.

To stay as good as I could with my weight loss mission, I had a small protion of two different types of mac & cheese and 3 chicken legs (the last one was later in the party). I also had 1 bite of Rice Krispy treat and like 2 bites of my own Peach Cobbler. I think I did a pretty good job with my options!

Saturday and Sunday we were in San Francisco so I wasn't able to count my points barely at all, so I just had to rely on my memory and just picking out what foods were best and portioning them out small.

So as of Monday July 4th, I am now 192 pounds! I am 8 pounds lighter and I am feeling great!

I have a karaoke bar to go to for a birthday party on the 16th and I'm hoping to look sexy for it! I'm confident enough in myself that I will look as best as I can be. It gives me an excuse to shop for a new dress. Haha!

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