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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weight Loss Mission: Slightly Disappointed

That was a pic of me from Tuesday 7.12.11. I took it like, 30 minutes before posting this blog. LoL.

So apparently, as of Monday the 11th, I haven't lost any NEW weight. I'm still 192 (down 8 pounds from where I started) so it's a little disappointing. But at least I haven't GAINED any weight. That would totally suck!

There's one weird thing though.. on Friday, I weighed myself and I was 190(down 10 pounds!). Then I think the weekend happened and I just didnt do well. I wasn't home so I couldn't count my points. I had some ice cream I probably shouldn't have had. And on Sunday, I had some lasagna... Not a lot, but I'm sure it was still a good amount of points with all the cheese and crap. I don't even LIKE lasagna!

Well, this week WILL be better! I'm not gonna really be home this weekend either, but I WILL be counting my points as best I can and keeping a Weight Watchers food points list on my husbands Smart Phone so no matter what I eat, I can find it and count it.

Should I count the alcohol I'm gonna be having at the bar on Saturday though? Thoughts WELCOME! :)


  1. Yes, alcohol should still get points. Unfortunately :(

  2. Well unforunately alcohol is high in sugar so its A LOT of points. My friend does wait wachers and she showed me her book and some of the drinks r really high in points :-(

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