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Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 3 (6.16.11) of Weight Loss Mission

They say that when quiting a bad habit, the first three days are the hardest. My bad habit was over eating and I'm now eating about half as much as I was eating before. I can see how I got so big. LoL. But that's okay. I've realized that even if I dont loose a TON of weight, that I'll be happy being healthy and knowing that I'm not such a gluton! HaHa!

I've felt pretty good. I'm actually feeling phsyically and mentally better. It's weird.

This will be my last blog entry until Monday when I let thee world know my "number". I've told Brandon already. He's the only one that knows. I was SO scared to tell him. I'm not proud of myself for being this weight but I am proud of the fact that I'm owning up to it and deciding to change it. So I think it'll easier for me to admit if to the world on Monday now. I felt SO much better after I told him. It was like a HUGE chain was lifted off of me.

Yesterday food...

FOOD                                        POINTS
2 Pieces French Toast                   - 7
Syrup and blueberries                    - 1
1 cup coffee w/ milk                     - 1
1/2 cup frozen yogurt                   - 2
Small brownie                              - 3
1 cup brown rice                         - 4
brocolli                                        - 0
green beans                                 - 0
chicken                                       - 3
1/4 cup teriyaki sauce                  - 1
2 cups rice Krispy's                    - 4
1 cup (2%) milk                         - 3
1 cup frozen yogurt                    - 4
Small brownie (the other half)     - 3

Haha it was hot yesterday so I had some frozen yogurt :) And can you tell I like Rice Krispy's? HaHa! They're low calorie and low fat. YAY!


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