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Monday, June 13, 2011

My Weight Loss Mission

Hey Everyone!

So tomorrow (June 14th, 2011) I'm going to start my weight loss mission. I have my weight watchers daily points calculated and I can find a generic food points list online. I'm going to be measuring out everything I eat and writing down everything I eat. A "food journal". I'm also going to be documenting on here pictures of myself every week so show my progress. If you would like to follow me and support me, that would be great. I could use it because I'm a little nervous. There is a LOT of weight for me to loose and I really don't want to fail.

I would also like to write here everyday to say how my day was and weather or not I felt bad about what I ate...just the daily life in losing weight. I think it will help me a lot if I do. And please, your comments are welcome.

Next week on Monday, I will be letting the world know how much I weigh NOW. Once I loose a "weeks worth or weight", I will let my details be know. Nobody knows my TRUE number right now, not even my own husband. So this is seriously a BIG step for me. I'm doing it because I never want to be this big ever again in my life(unless I'm pregnant, but even then....I still don't want to be this big). I want to get down to 130 pounds.

Wish me luck! Here's a current picture of me....

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