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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Feelings About Day 1 (6.14.11) of my Weight Loss Mission

So day one was okay.

I was hungry but I wasn't starving.

It feels like I'm on a diet, but I dont feel it's impossible.

I was sad I couldn't have one of my home baked brownie.

I got pretty upset when Brandon decided to eat frozen yogurt and a brownie right in front of me. But I realized that I need to get used to it because there are going to be people around me who are eating things I can't eat right now. But he also needs to be supportive and understand how much of a chocoholic I am. And he does. But chocolate is my weakness. Im suprised (yet proud of myself) that I didn't just give in.

The Weight Watchers has given me some structure and I need that. I can't do this without a plan.

Here was my list of food and points for yesterday

Daily amount of points: 37 (I get more than normal because I'm still breastfeeding)

FOOD                                                       POINTS
2 cups oatmeal                                         - 6
1/2 apple                                                   - 1
1/4 cup dried cranberries                         - 2
1 cup coffee with milk                              - 1
1 cup Mother's Milk Tea                        - 0
Two pieces bread(high fiber)                   - 2 
3 pieces bacon                                          - 3
Lettuce                                                      - 0
Tomato                                                      - 0
2 cups rice krispy's                                   - 4
1 cup milk                                                 - 3
Homemade shrimp alfredo                       -13
                                                                 2pts. Left!
Now here's my delema. Do I eat a small desert at the end of the day to finish out my points? Or should I save them for the BBQ for Father's Day this Sunday? I'm not sure what to do... HELP ME!

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