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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weight Loss Mission: LOTS OF WALKING!

So with my son starting school on Monday (August 29th, 2011), I have to do a LOT of walking to get him to school. It's not really a far walk, but when I looked up the mileage, it's a pretty good distance to be walking everyday.

So from my home to his school, it's 0.4 miles. That's a total of 0.8 miles for me to take him to school. Then I have to pick him up, so that's another 0.8 mile round trip for me. In total, I'm walking 1.6 miles everyday! Today I took a little extra walk to Starbucks near my apartment and that added an extra 0.6 miles onto my walking today! W00t W00t!

I've just weighed myself and I'm down a total of 14lbs! I'm currently 186lbs. and that means I'm down 2 pounds in 3 days! It's amazing what walking can really do for weight loss.

Not to mention I feel SO much healthier now that I'm walking a lot. Walking has always been my favorite form of exercise but I honestly haven't done as much as I would have liked to in the past. (This next part may be a little too much for some, but we're all adults here right? We've all dealt with this...) I've also noticed that I'm not so constipated anymore. I always felt bloated and whatnot, and I DO KNOW that walking does help with that, but I didn't know it could be so fast or THAT good! LOL!

I just feel GREAT over all... physically and emotionally. I have the support and love from the people I care about most and that's the best.


  1. When I started babysitting I noticed how much I was walking with the youngest (to the park, to day care, etc) and it really did make such a difference. I can't believe how much you lost already. GOOD JOB!

  2. I kno! Im so proud of myself. I never thought I could do it! And now I just wanna keep doing more and more!

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